Extended therapy programs bring even more effective treatment

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, Agios Nicolaos, Crete, Greece

New therapy programs in the extremely low frequency range
When Herr Brügemann explained to me last summer that he intended extending the frequency range of the BICOM® device downwards into the extremely low frequency range, I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea as it had become increasingly clear to me over the years that a switch must take place in the heads of all patients in order to bring about lasting therapeutic success.
I was so amazed and convinced by the results obtained from treating patients with these additional extremely low frequency impulses that, since then, I have used these extremely low frequencies on virtually all my patients. Our body’s control centre, the brain, is subject to excessive strain and demands from environmental factors and from the resulting stress provoked in the body. Help is desperately needed here to aid the healing process.
I began by first testing each patient kinesiologically to...

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The significance of deep frequencies and ways of stabilising patients during treatment

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing, Germany
It is no secret that a series of important rhythms having a considerable influence on our regulatory systems – and hence on our health – lie in the low-frequency range. The most important frequency is probably the Schumann wave. What is this Schumann wave all about? Here I must go into a slightly lengthier explanation.
Since the work of the German physicist O. W. Schumann (1888-1978), we have known that magnetic AC fields which have an influence on humans – so-called Schumann waves – are present in nature. Thus, humans live in an electric and magnetic AC field between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Fig. 1: Cavity resonator Earth-Ionosphere
This AC field is stimulated by solar activity, storms, and the transition from day to night.
When, for example, a bolt of lightning strikes somewhere on the Earth, it is not just a local occurrence. The lightning generates impulses which travel around the whole planet, because they are reflected i...

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