New effective BICOM therapy combinations which save time – (not just) with difficult patients

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke and Simone Maquinay, BICOM® Therapist, Aachen, Germany

1. Introduction
Years ago therapists practising bioresonance therapy fell into one of two camps: one championed therapy with endogenous  requency patterns using the body’s own fluids and multiple therapy programs with the input and output on the patient. The other group advocated applying test ampoules (Combined Test Technique) with an A or Ai program to the patient seated at the output. They have now made peace and most advanced BICOM® therapists combine both methods.
In practice therapy sessions usually begin with basic and follow-up therapies incorporating endogenous oscillations. Stresses are then eliminated and finally organ and meridian ampoules applied to stabilise the patient. This made therapy sessions very long, particularly with difficult or sensitive patients, and was not always easy to organise.
We spotted a clever idea in a dental practice: the patient is connected to two BICOM® devices ...

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