Treatment for Lyme using the Bicom and Essential Oils

Bioresonance therapists report that they don’t just find Borrelia but also a number of co-infections, if you have Lyme Disease then you are often a target by other ticks and you will get bitten more than other people around you. This means you can get re-infected and other co-infections are added to your body.

BICOM® owners can make their own tick repellant.

All the co-infections need treating but the body needs treating first in order to prevent a Herxheimer reaction.

First therapy session

Step 1: Basic therapy based on conductance value of patient and at the same time add the Lyme/Borrelia substance complex. Use DMI as needed. The new basic therapies from 2014 work best. 10250-10255

Step 2: Treat blockages that can prevent the treatment from being as effective as possible. The Allergy Preparation program is best for this, don’t be fooled by the name. Program Sequence 10314

Step 3: Detoxification programs on the Liver, Lymph and Kidneys. The best program is Detoxification General. Program Sequence 10046

Step 4: Use the CTT (combined test technique) kits on Program 191 or 197 and when you no longer get resonance you need to go through the Potentising Programs on Ai. Use Parasite kit and ELP031 (Ticks) Bacteria kit B007 (Borrelia) B008 (Bordetella) B038 (Rickettsia) If you have the Lyme Kit from BICOM® UK then use that too.

Also check for other stress on the body like Candida, Eppstein Barr, Mold, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, cadmium, Aluminium etc.

Build up the intestinal system with the many BICOM® programs and a good probiotic.

Store the therapy session in the BICOM® Chip and the BRT oil (bioresonanse therapy) in the red cup, after the session we also add essential oils to the BRT oil. These oils are antibacterial and antimicrobial and they can take care of pathogens without harming the tissue around them.

Oils to use for Lyme:

Garlic, Clove, Frankincense, Oregano, Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Lemon

Use the roller applicator and administer on the areas that will work best such as lymphatic areas and the soles of the feet, especially at night.

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Other essentials: Check for Mercury in the brain, help your patient to get plenty of sleep (8 hours min) which is one of the best ways to remove inflammation from the brain, along with the BICOM® of course.

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