Therapy of environmental stresses with an individual frequency

Matthias Jacob, Naturopath, Essen, Germany
Despite global efforts to reduce environmental stresses, many therapists still find when treating patients and their symptoms that emissions released into the air are a major cause for concern and can slow down the healing process.
In my work as a naturopath I find time and again that this form of background stress affects all of my patients without exception. Patients thus often present in the practice with respiratory problems, fatigue and flulike symptoms. Contributory factors mooted include a global chemtrail project where aircraft are used to spray chemical agents into the upper atmosphere in order to shield the Earth from harmful solar radiation. There is a wealth of information on this subject online. Whatever we may think about the truth behind such claims, there are undoubtedly other factors that do cause stresses, for example the use of chemicals in agriculture and industrial emissions.
Nor should we overlook the most obvious caus...

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Environmental stresses: the body’s toxin warning

Dr. med. Petra Maack-Wantzen, doctor, Ingelheim, Germany
The term “Health” in the broadest sense refers to the proper functioning of all regulatory circuits and mechanisms in harmony with body, mind and soul.

We are constantly exposed to environmental factors that often place considerable stress on the body’s regulatory mechanisms.
Systematic therapeutic approach
In Sissi Karz’s systematic approach to therapy, the regulation of these disruptive environmental influences is part and parcel of “initial treatment”. “Second treatment” can only come into play when the body is capable of functioning properly – (body’s information channels) followed by “third treatment” (metabolism and nutrient points).

Several “initial treatment” sessions may be needed before the body learns to cope with these disruptive external influences.

The detoxification organs are affected more than others. Support for the liver and kidneys, intestine, skin and lymph system leading to detoxifi...

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