Detecting the main interference fields using ear acupuncture points

Dr. med. Barbara Irmler, Munich, Germany 

Using regulative natural remedies – regardless of whether these comprise acupuncture, homeopathy or even bioresonance therapy a point is often reached at which the desired advance or treatment outcome is not achieved therapeutically. This begs the question as to whether the limits of the respective methods have been reached or whether hitherto disregarded or undetected barriers to treatment have emerged.
The second problem facing therapists is the extent of the tested stresses we encounter in treating our chronically sick patients, most of whom are suffering from more than one illness. This begs yet another question: Where do I start with treatment? Which stresses have priority and which are of secondary importance in the disease process?
This presentation seeks to demonstrate how foci and treatment barriers can be detected in order to facilitate efficient diagnosis, therapy and treatment evaluation.

The interference field...

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