Bioenergetic diagnosis for therapy using the Bicom 2000 — A practical case with autoaggressive disease as an example

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hannover

Dear colleagues,
dear friends of BICOM® resonance therapy,
the talk I am giving today has to be understood as a followup to the talk I gave last year in which I described the fundamental concepts behind the origins of autoaggression disease. I will give a brief summary of the core features:
Up to about 10 years ago, a patient generally presented with one quite specific set of symptoms, whereas now when a patient visits the surgery he mostly complains of pronounced multiple symptoms. Individual symptoms are built up over time and manifested as a result of the summation of multifactorial stresses which in the end are also responsible for the increasing autoaggressive tendencies in our patients.
In addition, „Auto Aggression" (!) is always a very individual disease in which the immune system suddenly recognises the body's own structures as things which need to be fought. The body becomes sensitised against itself and destructive de...

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