Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases

Dr. med. Annette Johnson
General Practitioner for Naturopathy and Rescue Procedures, additional designation for Acupuncture; Focus on fibromyalgia, borrelia infection and food intolerances.
FIBROMYALGIA "Imagined and incurable" or a palpable fascia disorder of unknown aetiology?
Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases
This disorder hides behind a whole range of symptoms:
Is it simply an "imagined and incurable disease" or a palpable fascia disorder that can be tackled successfully depending on the aetiology?
Fibromyalgia has been recognised as a disease by the WHO since 1992 but its existence is often denied by conventional medical practitioners and those affected are often unjustifiably pushed into the psychosomatic corner instead of receiving the support they deserve from those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath.
Our patients with fibromyalgia syndrome suffer from symptoms that cannot be adequately explained in today's conventional medical understanding while we continue to ...

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Infectious diseases: acute, chronic, protracted or masked

Ralf Kiesele, naturopath, Lahr, Germany
Dear colleagues,
It gives me great pleasure to be able to talk to you here today about a subject which is very close to my heart and which makes up about half of my daily workload. 50% of my patients are suffering from an infection, around 25% have allergies and about 25% consult me about other causes.
Today I would like to speak about different types of infection and to do so will describe four routine cases from my naturopathic practice: one case each of acute, of chronic, of prolonged and of masked infection. Routine might sound boring but I can assure you that this is not so here! These case studies are all spectacular in their own way and probably helpful for one or other of you.
Ever since I started practising as a naturopath, I have tried to find and treat the causes of disorders. Personally I do not consider it is sufficient to treat patients purely on a symptomatic basis. I wanted a form of therapy which can eliminate the causes and ...

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Periodontitis – the most common infectious disease affecting the oral cavity. Basic principles for successful treatment

Dr. med. dent. Jutta Schreiber, Neubiberg, Germany

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to be able to speak to you at this Congress today on the important topic of periodontitis, which I feel ties in particularly well with the theme of this year's Congress: 'Creating together a wave of therapeutic success'.

Because it is only possible to treat this disease, which concerns us all, if there is an effective network of therapists working together.

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself. For the past 26 years I have been working as a holistic dental practitioner in my own practice in Neubiberg, a suburb of Munich. I have integrated bioresonance as a core component in my treatments for more than 15 years now.

As a dentist I naturally spend the majority of my time treating patients in my practice. This is the reason why I am attempting to integrate bioresonance therapy as simply and effectively as possible. I often do no...

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Diseases of the spine in horses and dogs

Dr. med. vet. Jochen Becker, Tespe, Germany
Both in small animal practice and in equine practice we are constantly confronted with problems relating to the spine.
There cannot be many of us who are not familiar with a horse owner’s initial comment that their horse isn’t riding well or has poor flexibility? Throwing its head, a reluctance for the hind quarters to go under the body, a lack of suppleness – these are expressions which we regularly encounter in equine practice.
In conventional medicine this is usually the start of a frustrating examination process which usually ends in the administration of anti-inflammatory medication and a diagnosis of ‘lumbago’.
An X-ray may possibly be taken to assist diagnosis, but usually this returns normal results. In some cases they may show changes in the spinal column may be visible, often termed ‘kissing spine’, or in rare cases they may show new bone formations in the ventral region of the vertebrae, which are then diagnosed as spondylarthr...

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Viral and bacterial diseases: changes in blood in dark field imaging during bioresonance treatment

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath, Hannover, Germany

Dear Colleagues,
a special greeting to Mr and Mrs Brügemann and my thanks to them for inviting me once again to this year's Congress.

How a working hypothesis became a certainty
Following a conversation with Mr Brügemann last year regarding an hypothesis I was working on, he asked me whether I would be willing to give a presentation on the subject. When I replied that I would gladly be able to do so in 2-3 years' time, he asked whether I could think in terms of scheduling it in for the next Congress. With this conversation in the back of my mind I then set off for home.
On the return journey I kept thinking about the paper that had been given by Marcel Riffel. His presentation had focused on Dr William Ross Adey and his concept of the "biological" window. Marcel gave details of Adey's research.
Here again is the definition of the concept taken from his lecture:
"A biological window describes a confined spectrum o...

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