Cancer, metastases and their treatment considering parasitic burdens

Alan E. Baklayan, non-medical practitioner, Munich
Ladies and Gentlemen,
When I finished writing my book „Parasiten — die verborgene Ursache vieler Erkrankungen" [Parasites — hidden cause of many diseases] (Goldmann Verlag) at the beginning of 1998, my findings on tumour therapy could be summarised in 9 points, which I wish to remind you of. I quote from my book (p. 222):
„From my present point of view, we are working with the following model:

A person has the wrong place to sleep or work. An underground watercourse is present beneath it. This changes the flow characteristics of the blood and its magnetic field.
A change in its field causes certain parasites to become established more easily. Fasciolopsis buski finds a niche in the liver.
The person concerned develops a dental focus or has a dead tooth which excretes protein decay products.
He is contaminated with heavy metals.
He harbours mildew fungi in his body or ingests them with food which burdens his liver ...

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