Raised blood sugar: Diabetes mellitus – autoimmune diabetes

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath, Hanover, Germany
Dear Colleagues and Senior Management, Mr Sinn and all colleagues at Regumed

How a working hypothesis became a certainty
I began my lecture last year with these words and presented you with the changes in blood seen in dark field using bioresonance.
I also made further comparisons in order to show in images how different influences over months and years can produce new results.
You were shown images before and after therapy. Here is one of the images again as a , which I presented last time.

The above picture is now over three years old.
A proportion of the patients, whose images I looked at and in which a change became visible, are patients who also developed type 1 diabetes from viral stresses. It is often only at this stage, however, that they come to my practice.
Autoimmune diabetes – DISCOURSE
We now believe that type 1 diabetes is caused by both an interaction between genetic predisposition and external factor...

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