Evidence of the effectiveness of BRT by means of decoder dermography

Ingo E. Bauer, Naturopath, Speyer

Dear Colleagues
I am delighted to be given this opportunity again to stand here and talk about the progress of our work in my Centre for Diagnosis and Therapy in Speyer am Rhein.
What causes a therapist to change a normal practice, primarily geared towards therapy, into a centre for diagnosis and therapy and at considerable financial expense?

Problem Patients and Patients' Problems
In my opinion, there is nothing worse for a therapist than finding that a proven therapy is not working for a particular patient. Tests and checks are carried out but nothing seems to work. This leads to questions such as „Is it actually possible to test on this patient?", „Do my BICOM® devices work?", „Am I the right therapist for this patient?"
Patients' problems are just as bad, for example when they come to our practice with the following comments: „All the examinations my doctor has carried out have been inconclusive, but I don't feel well at all...

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