Coupling – a possible extension in testing with the Combined Test Technique (CTT)

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer, Klosters, Switzerland

1. Introduction
You may find this situation familiar: Up to now you have successfully treated your patients with the CTT, by professionally treating them with the stress ampoule (in setting Ai) and the followup therapy step with the elimination ampoule (in setting A).
Although you have been testing and treating according to the rules set out in the user information, your patient is not improving as much as either you or your patient would like. All followup tests in the CTT turn out to be inconclusive, i.e. you can no longer find any resonances for the tested ampoules. However, your previous therapeutic experience and detective instincts tell you that there must still be a stress present in this particular patient.
If this is the case, then the following ideas may help you to deal with this situation and also provide you with an additional therapy option.

2. The idea of couplings
I would like to explain the term “couplings” to y...

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