Coupling – a possible extension in testing with the Combined Test Technique (CTT)

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer, Klosters, Switzerland

1. Introduction
You may find this situation familiar: Up to now you have successfully treated your patients with the CTT, by professionally treating them with the stress ampoule (in setting Ai) and the followup therapy step with the elimination ampoule (in setting A).
Although you have been testing and treating according to the rules set out in the user information, your patient is not improving as much as either you or your patient would like. All followup tests in the CTT turn out to be inconclusive, i.e. you can no longer find any resonances for the tested ampoules. However, your previous therapeutic experience and detective instincts tell you that there must still be a stress present in this particular patient.
If this is the case, then the following ideas may help you to deal with this situation and also provide you with an additional therapy option.

2. The idea of couplings
I would like to explain the term “couplings” to y...

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Diagnosis and treatment of borreliosis-related disorders – various stages and manifestations

Dr. med. Brigit Fleischer, Bernau nr. Berlin, Germany 
Dear Colleagues,
Dear BICOM® Users,
I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my ideas and experiences with you and I am pleased to report on my work with the BICOM® 2000.
I run a small private practice in the country, working as a GP and naturopath. In addition to bioresonance I work with dark field microscopy and isopathy after Prof. Enderlein as well as with traditional homeopathy, manual therapy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.
Taking the example of the various forms taken by borreliosis and its “chameleonlike” behaviour, this gives us, I believe, a clear insight into the system and logic underlying BICOM® therapy and, in particular, the Combined Test Technique (CTT).
This disease has already been discussed in this forum and you are familiar with the symptoms. Similar to syphilis it feigns various organ manifestations, ranging from skin complaints, “summer flu” to nervous complaints similar to MS. Some colleag...

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Integrating the eight extraordinary meridians in bioresonance therapy 

Dr. Sabine Rauch, Limburg, Germany 

In addition to the main meridians in Chinese medicine, the extraordinary meridians, also known as miraculous meridians, form additional energy pathways (secondary meridians), composed of sections or points of the main meridians and performing a kind of coordinating role in the overall meridian system. According to traditional belief their task is to distribute around the body the ancestral energy originating in the kidneys and suprarenal glands.

Their use is clinically indicated primarily with therapyresistant and recurrent pain and chronic disorders involving dysfunction. In my opinion they are also outstandingly effective when combined with BICOM® therapy in treating chronic and autoimmune disorders where two or more elements are disturbed, as they perform a coordinating role resulting in the element or meridian disturbance being corrected more rapidly.

There are eight extraordinary meridians, with each two with the same function (Yin or Y...

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New possibilities in using CTT with the Bicom Optima

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Limburg, Germany

The Combined Test Technique (CTT) is a diagnostic and therapeutic system that allows BICOM® users to identify biocybernetic interactions and discover quickly the real underlying causes of a disorder, helping practitioners develop a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.
The current test technique is founded on basic research carried out by Mr Alfred Schwarze, who developed the frequency sweep in the BICOM® device. The BICOM® device's bandpass technology, with its 3- second, spotlight-like frequency sweep of the individual electromagnetic oscillations from 10 Hz to 150 kHz, together with preparation of suitable test ampoules, allows us to detect precisely those substances which trigger in the body the resonance which is needed immediately to maintain the steady state.
The substance being tested is converted directly into a therapy pulse by activating the BICOM® device and its frequency sweep. The pattern of oscillati...

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