Chronic borreliosis — a multisystem condition

Eva Pauly
Quote from one of my patients: "Ms Pauly, it has not been easy to find you ..."
You will all know patients with a long history of suffering, a bulging patient record file, many consultations with specialists, general exhaustion with symptoms of unclear aetiology.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Firstly I would like to thank my teachers, pioneers and colleagues as well as all the seminar leaders and speakers from previous years and also the staff at Regumed. Because of the sound training they have given, it is possible to diagnose and successfully treat complex diseases. Once again many thanks for this.
My training as a naturopath started more than 10 years ago and is by no means completed. Through adult education in community colleges, I have been working as a lecturer in the field of Personal Development, with the focus on forgiveness and self-forgiveness and also in the health care sector too with a focus on preventative care. I have been working with the BICOM® BICOM optima® in my o...

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