The cholesterol problem and its treatment

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich

Ladies and gentlemen,
By chance, a well-known journalist came to me for treatment. Amongst other things, his cholesterol level was high. However, once he had undergone a course of liver cleansing, this completely returned to normal.
When the scandal of the cholesterol-lowering agent “Lipobay” broke soon afterwards, I was asked by his editors if I would like to write a book on the subject. The result was published under the title “Cholesterin: Schock und die Alternative: Die Baklayan Methode” [Cholesterol: shock and the alternative: the Baklayan method].

In recent decades, cholesterol as a product of foods of animal origin absorbed in the daily diet, has been branded a scapegoat for every conceivable cardiovascular disease. In reality, however, some of the cholesterol found in the blood is produced in the liver. The body synthesises a total of 2-3 g cholesterol per day of which around...

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