Treating broncho-pulmonary diseases

Jörg Wehrhahn, Naturopath, Rotenburg a. d. Fulda, Germany
It gives me great pleasure to participate in the BICOM® Congress in Fulda by presenting a paper today on my experiences with BICOM® bioresonance therapy.
I contacted Regumed in Gräfelfing near Munich five years ago when on the lookout for an additional method for diagnosing and treating my patients.
As I had been treating my patients using neural therapy and acupuncture, I was looking for an additional means of providing “pain-free” therapy to children and adults.
An appointment was soon made with Regumed and, following Frau Vogeser’s fascinating presentation, it did not take long to decide to work with BICOM® bioresonance in future. Following extensive training by Regumed, diagnosing and treating with bioresonance therapy has become such a major part of our practice that nowadays we use BICOM® almost
exclusively to diagnose and treat our patients.
Treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases
I should like today to give you an...

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