Cancer — a successful alternative therapy approach

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner
I have been working with my practice team for 16 years offering a combination of mainstream medicine and naturopathic treatments, including for the last 15 years bioresonance therapy. When carrying out diagnosis and particularly when evaluating the success of treatment, I draw on the full range of classical medicine tools including laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT or MRT, endoscopy plus other procedures as required. In addition, I test using the tensor. In my practice therapy is primarily administered using naturopathic methods based on the following maxim: "As much classical medicine as necessary, as much naturopathy as possible."
Cancer therapy in particular offers opportunities in naturopathy for a truly holistic approach to treatment, and the bioresonance method, with its very specific therapy options, can play a very valuable role in this area.

The causes of cancer

1.1 Conventional medicine

Environmental toxins: incl. asbestos: ...

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Viral stress in cancer: presenting a complementary therapy concept

Jana Böseler-Adler, Naturopath, Travemünde, Germany

Viruses and cancer risk
A. Can viruses trigger cancer?
Scientists believe that one in six of all cancers worldwide can be attributed to infections caused by viruses. This was revealed in an analysis by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO).
B. What are viruses?
Viruses are microscopic particles. They are primarily constructed of genetic material and a protective protein shell. Unlike practically all other living organisms, viruses have no metabolism of their own. This makes them different from other pathogens too including bacteria. Viruses depend therefore on the cells of a living organism for replication, i.e. they need a host.
Viruses can be roughly classified into two types based on the chemical properties of their genetic information: DNA viruses (short for deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA viruses (short for ribonucleic acid). We then cat...

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Cancer, metastases and their treatment considering parasitic burdens

Alan E. Baklayan, non-medical practitioner, Munich
Ladies and Gentlemen,
When I finished writing my book „Parasiten — die verborgene Ursache vieler Erkrankungen" [Parasites — hidden cause of many diseases] (Goldmann Verlag) at the beginning of 1998, my findings on tumour therapy could be summarised in 9 points, which I wish to remind you of. I quote from my book (p. 222):
„From my present point of view, we are working with the following model:

A person has the wrong place to sleep or work. An underground watercourse is present beneath it. This changes the flow characteristics of the blood and its magnetic field.
A change in its field causes certain parasites to become established more easily. Fasciolopsis buski finds a niche in the liver.
The person concerned develops a dental focus or has a dead tooth which excretes protein decay products.
He is contaminated with heavy metals.
He harbours mildew fungi in his body or ingests them with food which burdens his liver ...

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Treating broncho-pulmonary diseases

Jörg Wehrhahn, Naturopath, Rotenburg a. d. Fulda, Germany
It gives me great pleasure to participate in the BICOM® Congress in Fulda by presenting a paper today on my experiences with BICOM® bioresonance therapy.
I contacted Regumed in Gräfelfing near Munich five years ago when on the lookout for an additional method for diagnosing and treating my patients.
As I had been treating my patients using neural therapy and acupuncture, I was looking for an additional means of providing “pain-free” therapy to children and adults.
An appointment was soon made with Regumed and, following Frau Vogeser’s fascinating presentation, it did not take long to decide to work with BICOM® bioresonance in future. Following extensive training by Regumed, diagnosing and treating with bioresonance therapy has become such a major part of our practice that nowadays we use BICOM® almost
exclusively to diagnose and treat our patients.
Treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases
I should like today to give you an...

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Experience of testing and treating degenerated cells with the BICOM Combined Test Technique

Dieter Kramer, Naturopath, Bad Essen
Dear colleagues and BICOM bioresonance therapy enthusiasts!
I should like briefly to introduce myself. My name is Dieter Kramer. I am a naturopath by profession and come from an idyllic little place near Osnabrück, where, for the past 15 years, I have been running a practice which administers natural therapies. I now work only with the BICOM Combined Test Technique and chiropractic. I have gradually been able to give up all other types of therapy such as acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone treatment, etc. in favour of bioresonance.
But now to the actual theme of my paper, testing and treating “degenerated cells”.

A patient who was 41 at the time came to my practice in April 1998. I knew him already from occasional visits due to various back problems. He told me that his GP had referred him to a urologist with suspected prostate cancer. This suspicion was based on a raised PSA level. He had...

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Results of a pilot study into the link between blood parasites and cancer and their successful treatment

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
It is a special experience for me to report today on the continuation of the research work about which
I presented a paper last year.
This research work, whose theme is the link between blood parasites and cancer, is largely based on the intensive research of two great sci-entists whom I must now respectfully mention and whom I should like to remember for they have made a very valuable contribution to mankind and have, so far, not been recognised by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine. They are Dr. Wilhelm von Bremer, who published the article "Krebs — eine Erregerkrankheit" [Cancer — a pathogenic disease] in the journal "Fortschritte der Medizin" back in 1932. There followed a series of discoveries and publications. Likewise Dr. Alfons Weber who published his findings in 1968 in a series of books, such as "Haben wir potentielle Krebserreger schon im Blut?" [Do we carry potential carcinogenic agents in our blood?]

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