Terrorists in the immune system

Alexander Rijsberman, Dipl.Naturopath, Zug, Switzerland
I would like to extend a warm welcome from Switzerland.
It is very exciting to be standing before so many colleagues. It gives me pleasure to be permitted to pass on to you some of what I have learnt. I have made a discovery which I should like to present to you.
But first an appropriate saying from Confucius:
He who knows the goal can decide.
He who decides finds peace.
He who finds peace is secure
He who is secure can consider.
He who considers can improve.
Very often I treat the patient but make no progress. Perhaps you also find this. You have gone through all the therapy with your patient, treated all the central allergies such as wheat and cow’s milk and are simply not satisfied with the result. The patient presents with ever more exotic allergies which just can’t be reached. You keep coming to the same point, although at the start everything was perfectly clear. You are probably beginning to doubt your abilities.

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