The status of BRT in holistic medicine

Erika Hey, non-medical practitioner, Schneverdingen
Task: Connect the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pen.

Many years of BIcom therapy in my non-medical (naturopathic) practice and in my husband's dental practice have shown us that the numerous methods resulting from holistic diagnosis and treatment can no longer be ignored.
Bioresonance oscillates the organism into regulatory balance with the correct information. It builds a bridge between the different levels on which illnesses are possible and therefore connects the body energy mental levels.
Many doctors look for solutions under pressure from the recent health reforms. Unfortunately „solution" sometimes means „trick". This means that the same knowledge and thinking is used in conjunction with a new instrument. How can we expect different results when we do not change our thinking?
The status of BicOm therapy does not only result from sensational ...

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 An excursion through the veterinarian BICOM practice 

Jörg Fiedler, Veterinary Surgeon, Baunatal, Germany 

Testing and therapy: practical opportunities
The opportunities to use BICOM® therapy in veterinary practice are actually endless. From A for allergy right through to Z for zoster, every condition can at least be diagnosed and, depending upon the patient or their owner, treated too.

Can you perform BRT successfully even without testing?
Especially for those new to BICOM®, testing should not necessarily be performed on the patient but on a blood sample taken previously.
If some therapists want to work with BICOM® before first using the tensor, there is actually nothing preventing this and I welcome this incidentally. There is a collection of tried and tested program combinations which can be used without having to test the patient.
Once you have gained a certain amount of confidence, you can also use the indication­based programs from the Therapy Manual and create your own individual therapy for the patient (be bold!).


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Therapy for headaches

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany
Headaches are among the most commonly cited symptoms in general practice. They may be caused by relatively harmless stresses or equally by more acute disorders. Therefore it is necessary to complete a thorough internal neurological assessment before every treatment. Where headaches are a symptom of a serious disorder such as tumours, metastases, cerebral haemorrhaging, meningitis or a consequence of cardiovascular or metabolic disorders, conventional treatment must be used. BRT can provide support for the basic organic disorder or be used to help ease symptoms as part of a holistic pain management. Increasingly often we are seeing patients with functional headaches such as migraines, tension headaches and neuralgia. BRT can often uncover and in most cases treat the actual cause of the symptoms. 

1. Diagnosis
In the holistic treatment of headaches, it is essential to carry out an "energy diagnosis" (EAV, tensor, kinesiology) as well as obta...

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Use of bioresonance therapy in ophthalmology

Dr. med. Ali Kajasi, Wuppertal
The use of bioresonance therapy (BRT) in oph-thalmology is not very widespread. This is all the more surprising since opportunities to use this technique exist in many different areas of oph-thalmology due to the position and role of the eyes.
The eyes occupy a projecting position in the human body. They sit at one of the highest points in the human body. Six of the 12 cranial nerves (optic nerve to facial nerve) are directly associ-ated with supplying the eyes, then there is the vestibulocochlear nerve and the connecting path-ways with the labyrinthine system. Along with the nasal mucous membrane, the connective tissue membrane is the only mucous membrane which is permanently open and consequently represents a main area of attack for airborne pollen and aller-gens. The eyes' proximity to the paranasal sinuses and the upper jaw means that many inflammatory processes and especially amalgam contamination and foreign-body implants in the mout...

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Treating skin disease in animals (dogs, cats, horses) effectively

J. Fiedler, Practising Vet, Baunatal
Case history
Long-standing disorder. Skin disease since puppyhood (from around 9th week) in the form of scabby efflorescences the size of a thumb-nail or, in places, a beer-mat, with severe itching.
The dog appeared listless, had grown thin and its coat had a strong smell.
The classic treatment route had been taken (3 vets, 2 animal hospitals) and traditional treatment had unfortunately been unsuccessful!
Diagnosis with BRT
Some fungal infestation, however primarily "Trichophytes", "chronic intestinal parasites" and an allergy to fungal infection. "Male genital acute" ampoule in 5 element test kit tested positive.
Therapy was carried out with the combined test technique according to the rules of bioresonance. Basic therapy, elimination and releasing blocks, then treating the primary problems.
After the 2nd session: hardly any itching, after the 7th and final session: healthy skin, healthy coat...

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