New approaches in the treatment and rehabilitation of bronchial asthma patients

Professor Dr. med. Olga V. Balakireva , I. V. Netschay* , Moscow
Chronic obstructive bronchitis (COB) and bronchial asthma (BA) today represent a considerable problem for modern medicine (1). Relevant publications reveal that, in the last 10 years, the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has grown steadily. Treatment with drugs is not always effective and is frequently accompanied by complications. Complications associated with COPD, such as obstructive emphysema and respiratory insufficiency, are caused, not least, by dysfunction of the inspiratory muscles and the vertebral column (2, 3, 4). Observations revealed that the vertebral column was deformed in 76 % of bronchial asthma patients (fig. 1). Inspiratory muscle fatigue develops as the muscle system responsible for breathing is overstrained through bronchial obstruction and emphysema (5, 6, 7).
When treating bronchial asthma, therapy is gradually intensified. Patients, whose asthma cannot be c...

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Experience in treating bronchial asthma

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen
Around 5 % of the adult population suffers from bronchial asthma. Those affected by it are becoming increasingly younger: up to 15 % of children suffer from this disorder, with bronchial asthma the most common chronic disorder in childhood. Boys are twice as likely to be affected as girls. In one third of children initial symptoms appear in the first year of their life. Conventional medical treatment is confined to treating the symptoms, which is very effective in itself but seldom tackles the cause of the disorder. BRT provides us with an excellent opportunity for therapy.

“Bronchial asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways with bronchial hyperreactivity and spasmodic obstruction of the airways, usually connected with an atopic disposition.”
A differentiation is made in conventional medicine between chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Our experience has shown that the same approach works for both clini...

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