In 124 cases of herniated discs: Bioresonance therapy instead of operating

Dr. Op. Özlem Kiran, Neurosurgical specialist, Istanbul, Turkey 
For the past year I have been using bioresonance therapy in my practice. My work covers the entire spectrum of neurosurgery. I work in my own practice as well as in a local hospital in the Bakirköy district of Istanbul.
Since I started using the bioresonance method (BRM) the number of operations I have carried out relating to herniated discs has fallen considerably. You could say that before discovering bioresonance my team and I were often too quick to reach for the scalpel.
Between February 2006 and February 2007 I treated 124 patients with herniated lumbar and cervical discs using only the BRM. Of these 124 cases, 71 were cervical hernias and 53 lumbar hernias. Without exception all patients had been treated using conventional medicine and were referred to me by colleagues for surgery. Through medical imaging processes (e.g. MRI) all patients were given a clear diagnosis:
‘Herniated disc level 2-3’ with partial los...

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