The unrivalled accuracy of bodily secretions and excretions in bioresonance therapy

Karin Heine, Naturopath, Munich

Bodily secretions and excretions are our own intelligent medicine cabinets containing all, yes all, information.
Why is it can we talk in terms of unrivalled accuracy when we use the body's own substances for the purposes of therapy? Just imagine if instead of using bodily fluids we needed to come up with a mixture of foreign substances which represented exactly the individual constituents making up pus for example? How many substances would we have to test, and not just the type of substance but also the individual quantity of each component? How much time would we need to test that accurately? It very quickly becomes obvious that that is not realistic. Yet here we are able to draw on a remarkable function which significantly increases the scope of our therapy.
Mr. Mersmann has just described how the H+D separator works. With regard to therapy based on bodily secretions and excretions, the separator is particularly important. Let's st...

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