Treating tumours in animals

Dr. Claudia May, Veterinary Surgeon, Munich

I have been a dedicated BICOM therapist for a number of years now. Two years ago I stood here in Fulda and talked enthusiastically to you about the broad range of bioresonance therapy available and the success it has enjoyed in my practice.
I am still treating all of these disorders but there is one area which I used to avoid completely: treatment of tumours.
I’m not going to bore you today with scientific details concerning the origin and progression of tumours. I think we can safely assume this to be basic knowledge in a setting such as this.
Instead, using a few case studies, I would like to get you thinking about the need for bioresonance therapy in cases of tumours.

Although I had received the degenerated cell test set along with the others, I was reticent about using it on my patients. My orthodox veterinary training had drummed it into me that “if it’s cancer, nothing more c...

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Cancer therapy – a new hypothesis

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear Colleagues,
Around 7 years ago, an idea emerged in bioresonance circles to develop a cancer treatment based on the theory of apoptosis, i. e. cell death. This idea, which is based on a scientific fact, states that cells that no longer receive information from their surroundings cannot survive. By additionally attempting to stabilise the genetic code of cells, the natural process of cell death should begin again, i. e. apoptosis, which in the case of cancerous cells evidently ceases to function. In order to achieve this we used two stages of treatment:

We attempted to help the cancer cells ‘recover’ by supporting them with an A or H+Di oscillation while tumour tissue was in the input.

We suppressed the surrounding tissue with an Ai oscillation while tumour tissue was in the input so that the surrounding tissue was no longer able to pass on information to the cancerous tissue.

To begin with, this theory sounded extremely pl...

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Borrelia infection – the latest widespread disease?

Dr. med. Hermann Wagner, Böbrach, Germany
Laboratory diagnostics – sense and nonsense
• Antibodies are measured for borrelia, not the pathogen itself.
• That is to say the reaction of the body to the pathogen is quantified.
• An increase in antibody titre is interpreted as a deterioration.
• In the case of immunisations, an increase in titre is considered a success.
• Even the interpretation of the result is in itself contradictory.
• Successful therapy can definitely lead to an increase in antibodies. The titre is not suitable as a means of measurement when it comes to treatment.
• With diagnostics a positive titre only tells us that contact has taken place, but not whether the immune system has won the ‘battle’.
• Laboratory diagnostics are expensive but contradictory and ultimately unusable.

Conventional medical treatment
• Oral or i.v. antibiotics
• Can to a great extent help kill borrelia populations temporarily, therefore following treatment with ...

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Treating broncho-pulmonary diseases

Jörg Wehrhahn, Naturopath, Rotenburg a. d. Fulda, Germany
It gives me great pleasure to participate in the BICOM® Congress in Fulda by presenting a paper today on my experiences with BICOM® bioresonance therapy.
I contacted Regumed in Gräfelfing near Munich five years ago when on the lookout for an additional method for diagnosing and treating my patients.
As I had been treating my patients using neural therapy and acupuncture, I was looking for an additional means of providing “pain-free” therapy to children and adults.
An appointment was soon made with Regumed and, following Frau Vogeser’s fascinating presentation, it did not take long to decide to work with BICOM® bioresonance in future. Following extensive training by Regumed, diagnosing and treating with bioresonance therapy has become such a major part of our practice that nowadays we use BICOM® almost
exclusively to diagnose and treat our patients.
Treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases
I should like today to give you an...

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Vaccine damage and its repercussions – Diagnosis and therapy with BICOM

Anita Klammrodt, Naturopath, Grossefehn
My name is Anita Klammrodt. I have been a naturopath for eleven years and have been using bioresonance for diagnosis and treatment in my practice for seven years. I use bioresonance among other things to treat the side effects and damage caused by vaccines.
I first became aware of this through my son. He was given a 5-way vaccine at the age of three when he was due to go to nursery school. As a result of this he changed markedly. From being a loving, happy little boy he turned into an unsettled, unhappy child with destructive tendencies. Naturally, I did not think that the multiple vaccine could be the cause. I simply believed that he had picked up his bad behaviour from other children in the nursery.
In 1985, when our son was almost 15 years old, we joined a self-help group for hyperactive children which initially focused mainly on nutrition. However, attention soon turned to inoculations too. Speaking to other parents in the ...

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Using bioresonance in an ENT practice: Remove polyps without operating?

Dr. med. Eberhard Wenzel, Husum, Germany
The causal treatment of allergy sufferers with a multi-causal condition in an ENT practice has always presented therapists with a difficult task. Finding an outcome satisfactory to both parties continues to pose a challenge. Chronic polypous pansinusitis (polyps in the paranasal sinuses) in particular is an increasing and ever more complex disorder to control, even for the self-styled "father of modern paranasal sinus surgery", Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Draf from Fulda.
Since 1 August 2004 I have been working in an ENT practice in Husum. Based on a structure evolved from an ENT practice set up 23 years ago by my predecessor, allergy patients were simply treated with a short-term desensitisation therapy consisting of seven injections. Alternative methods of applying allergy therapy were either rejected or ignored. This use of monotherapy only met with limited, if any, success. In the early 80s only 10% of patients with an exist...

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DNA and cell communication via magnetic scalar waves, a possible basic principle of the Bioresonance Method?

Prof. Dr.-lng. Konstantin Meyl, Radolfzell, Germany
DNA generates a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. Computed frequencies from the structure of DNA agree with those of biophoton radiation.
The optimisation of efficiency by minimising the conduction losses leads to the double-helix structure of DNA¹.
The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the cell nucleus perfectly, but also explains the hyperboloid channels in the matrix when two cells communicate with each other.
Potential vortices are an essential component of scalar waves 11 as discovered in 1990.The basic approach for an extended field theory was confirmed in 2009 with the discovery of magnetic monopoles12. This provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life ¹.
With this first introduction of the magnetic scalar wave, it becomes clear that such a wave is suitable to use genetic code chemically stored in the...

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The fascinating development of bioresonance therapy: Discoveries, research, ideas and hard work

Hans Brugemann, Grafelfing
We are often asked how bioresonance therapy actually came about. Was it through laboratory testing, scientific studies, ideas from quantum physics? None of the above, in fact. Bioresonance therapy developed from observations and experi-ences of both people and patients. Bioresonance therapy therefore comes under to the area of em-pirical healing.
At the beginning there were a number of mis-understandings which were almost impossible to overcome. The same questions were asked time and again: "So, it's like ...", NO! "Then, it must be like ..." NO! Since it was something completely new, there was no question of it being "LIKE" anything else. In order to remedy this and to give this new form of therapy its "own space", in 1979 we came up with the formulation "therapeutic procedure in the field of ultrafine bioenergy".

Which were the areas of knowledge gained from experience and observation that allowed bioreso-nance therapy to emerge? Initia...

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Complex treatment of urogenital disorders using bioresonance

Dr. Cornelia Schumacher, MD. TM Ph.D dipl. PT for Urogenital Rehabilitation, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Ladies and gentlemen Mr and Mrs Brugemann
After 14 years of clinical work in the field of physiotherapy/physio-science, in 1988 I was confronted with a new challenge: the treatment of conditions and complaints in the fields of gynaecology, urology, proctology, and psychology. Complaints such as urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, constipation, impotence, prostate disorders, sexual diseases and problems in pregnancy were at the time taboo and called for great sensitivity when it came to their rehabilitation. The complexity of the matter resulted in my founding the specialist field "Urogenital Rehabilitation" in Switzerland. Treatments consisted by and large of pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback, electro stimulation "TENS" (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation) and intravaginal and intra-anal palpation. In 2003 I learned about the biophysical treatment option...

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Bioresonance an approach to the treatment of intrauterine fetal pathologies

Dr. Esra Kirsever, Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, Istanbul, Turkey

I am working in my private clinic in my country as a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. I have met BICOM® bioresonance therapy method four years ago on the occasion of my mother's health problems. Then I began to use BICOM® bioresonance method in my clinical practice.
I have shared my study about Dilated Cardiomyopathy with you last year. This year the topic of my presentation is about obstetric and gynaecologic problems. In the first part of presentation I will share my experiences the common problems that related to pregnancy; preterm labor, anaemia, and liver problems. In the second part, I will summarize the treatment of intrauterine fetal pathologies with bioresonance method.

Pre-term Labor
Preterm labor is the effacement or the dilation of the cervix between the 26th and 37th weeks of pregnancy with 2 contractions every 10 minutes or 3-4 contractions every 30 minutes with each contraction l...

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