Useful empirical values for the treatment of asthma

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich

Therapists testing bioenergetically were largely responsible for discovering the cause of bronchial asthma. We can gain a valuable insight into the disease and its treatment by examining the history of its discovery. The first chapter in the history of bronchial asthma came about through a connection with allergies and food intolerance. Credit should mainly go to Dr Schumacher, a paediatrician in Innsbruck, who discovered, amongst other things, that allergy sufferers also display a hidden reaction to foodstuffs. He called this masked allergy.

This was a sensational discovery which brought extraordinary therapeutic success. Success rates of 80 to 90 % were obtained with allergy sufferers by treating these basic foodstuff allergens, namely cow’s milk, wheat and hen’s eggs, one after the other. All that was needed to complete the success was to treat one or two of the well-known inhalation...

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Conservative tumour therapy for the elderly and the importance of central control

Dr. med. Gisela von Braunschweig, Gelnhausen/Haitz

As life expectancy in the industrialised nations is extended, an increasing number of elderly patients are coming to our practices seeking help for complaints resulting from their worn out organs. We try to help them based on our knowledge and ex perience.
With arthrosis, one of the most common disorders associated with old age, we may try alternate weekly IV doses of calcium carbonate D30, Rhustox D30 (poison ivy) and sulphur D30 and observe that this treatment is not as effective as 30 years previously due to the heavy metals deposited in the bones which block any reaction. So the blocks must first be removed with bioresonance.
The same goes for the geriatric heart. Here too the blocks on the corresponding organs (organclock) and those on the heart itself must be released. There will be no improvement otherwise. This applies to all diseases associated with old age.
Care of the kidneys ...

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The cholesterol problem and its treatment

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich

Ladies and gentlemen,
By chance, a well-known journalist came to me for treatment. Amongst other things, his cholesterol level was high. However, once he had undergone a course of liver cleansing, this completely returned to normal.
When the scandal of the cholesterol-lowering agent “Lipobay” broke soon afterwards, I was asked by his editors if I would like to write a book on the subject. The result was published under the title “Cholesterin: Schock und die Alternative: Die Baklayan Methode” [Cholesterol: shock and the alternative: the Baklayan method].

In recent decades, cholesterol as a product of foods of animal origin absorbed in the daily diet, has been branded a scapegoat for every conceivable cardiovascular disease. In reality, however, some of the cholesterol found in the blood is produced in the liver. The body synthesises a total of 2-3 g cholesterol per day of which around...

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Successful treatment with the BICOM 2000 supported with dark field images

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Cologne

Dear colleagues,
dear users of BICOM resonance therapy,
Many of you will already know me as I have been an enthusiastic user of bioresonance therapy for nearly 20 years through several generations of the device and have also presented papers at a number of colloquia.
I have been in practice in Cologne for 25 years specialising in allergy and pain therapy and it is very rare for my treatment not to include bioresonance therapy; in fact, this therapy has become the mainstay of our applications. I have also been working with the new BICOM 2000 for a year, in two separate consulting areas to avoid long delays.
Today I am going to report on my experience with this new device with 4 different patients. All 4 had previously been largely resistant to therapy and it is precisely this point that I should like to report on.

Case 1
Patient no. 1 was born in the Netherlands in 1974. Despite being 1.85 m tall and obe...

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Courage in treating tinnitus

Ingo E. Bauer, Naturopath, Speyer

Dear colleagues,
I am pleased to have the opportunity this year to report once again on our work at the Centre for Diagnosis and Therapy in Speyer.
It is hard, at a colloquium such as this, to present the theme in a way which will interest all therapists. The old hands amongst you will be hoping to find new starting points for your problem patients, yet newcomers should also be able to take away with them therapeutic techniques which ideally they can put into practice as soon as they get back to work. I'd be interested to know if I have managed to provide something for everyone.
But now to the theme of my paper: "Courage to treat tinnitus."

Some 150 different causes of tinnitus are known in science. Most occur in combination. Often consecutively too, which considerably aggravates the condition.
However, the most frequent causes are:

circulatory disturbances
dental foci
ototoxic processes

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Biophysical basis for separating physiological and pathological frequency patterns

Ludger Mersmann, Wassenach
New observations about the filter system used in bioresonance therapy are presented from the point of view of modern biophysics. On the basis of this aspect, a new understanding of the active interconnections emerges. A new term for naming the filter system arises from current results.
The active interconnections between the therapeutic filter system and the patient as a biological system are summarised under the following bullet points.

No comparison between the therapeutic filter system and the concept of a conventional technical filter (tea strainer, the unwanted tea leaves are filtered out, the liquid tea passes through the filter).
A therapeutically active unit is produced by the therapeutic filter system and the patient due to direct coupling.

The filter effect is not produced by the technical structure of the filter system, rather the filter function is produced only by the coupling of patient and filter system.
The active seq...

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What can be achieved with amalgam elimination

Dr. med. dent. Vera Maubach-Chandra, Mönchengladbach

I have been a dentist for 28 years and for the past 14 years I have been working with BICOM BRT on a daily basis. These 14 years have been the most fulfilling professionally, despite increased professional regulation. I have BICOM therapy to thank for this. Beforehand I was a dentist who liked to repair teeth or do something to help keep teeth healthy. Now I can make my patients healthier and that is even more satisfying. I am also very glad that I discovered at some point that I was harming some patients by putting amalgam in their mouths

If someone asks me now: “What material do you recommend?”, then I answer: “A material which has been thoroughly tested especially for you.” In my practice I do this with program 196, A 50fold, in other words on a provocation setting. I check this on 5 different meridians: lymph, nerve degeneration, allergy, triple warmer and heart. I enter the results onto a sh...

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Treating tumours in animals

Dr. Claudia May, Veterinary Surgeon, Munich

I have been a dedicated BICOM therapist for a number of years now. Two years ago I stood here in Fulda and talked enthusiastically to you about the broad range of bioresonance therapy available and the success it has enjoyed in my practice.
I am still treating all of these disorders but there is one area which I used to avoid completely: treatment of tumours.
I’m not going to bore you today with scientific details concerning the origin and progression of tumours. I think we can safely assume this to be basic knowledge in a setting such as this.
Instead, using a few case studies, I would like to get you thinking about the need for bioresonance therapy in cases of tumours.

Although I had received the degenerated cell test set along with the others, I was reticent about using it on my patients. My orthodox veterinary training had drummed it into me that “if it’s cancer, nothing more c...

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Cancer therapy – a new hypothesis

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear Colleagues,
Around 7 years ago, an idea emerged in bioresonance circles to develop a cancer treatment based on the theory of apoptosis, i. e. cell death. This idea, which is based on a scientific fact, states that cells that no longer receive information from their surroundings cannot survive. By additionally attempting to stabilise the genetic code of cells, the natural process of cell death should begin again, i. e. apoptosis, which in the case of cancerous cells evidently ceases to function. In order to achieve this we used two stages of treatment:

We attempted to help the cancer cells ‘recover’ by supporting them with an A or H+Di oscillation while tumour tissue was in the input.

We suppressed the surrounding tissue with an Ai oscillation while tumour tissue was in the input so that the surrounding tissue was no longer able to pass on information to the cancerous tissue.

To begin with, this theory sounded extremely pl...

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Menopausal syndrome – successful treatment with bioresonance

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany

Over 70% of all women suffer relatively serious endocrine and vegetative symptoms during the transition from sexual maturity to the menopause. Now that hormone replacement therapy is coming in for increasing criticism due to its not insignificant sideeffects, a growing number of women are asking their gynaecologists, GPs and therapists for alternative forms of treatment. A range of food supplements
(e.g. soya extract), phytotherapeutic agents (often with phyto hormones) and homeopathic remedies, both individual and in complex form, are available, which are highly effective. It is often necessary to take these preparations for months, if not years. Excellent results can also be achieved in this area with bioresonance without the need for medication and often with longlasting results.
This example can also demonstrate that, depending on the structure of the practice and the needs of the patients, positive results can be obtained bot...

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