Gained in practice, for use in practice: Tips and tricks for practitioners

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer
1 Introduction
This presentation draws on my twenty years and more of experience using the BICOM and is designed to provide both general and specialist tips to beginners and more advanced therapists alike.
I shall attempt to present the following tips in a logical order.

2 General tips, context
2.1 Write for your local newspaper

If you are a BICOM therapist just starting out in your professional career, you will be looking to get yourself more widely known. Make use of the public's thirst for information by offering to provide your expert opinion on medical issues to the editorial team of your local newspaper. Why not also submit an article to the editor on a topical health issue at the same time?
Compose the article using simple language where possible and avoid medical Where use of medical terms cannot be avoided, explain these in layman's terms in brackets.
Position yourself as a regular contributor of medical information, but avoid taking ...

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Low-deep frequencies for shock and trauma cases – treating post-traumatic stress syndrome

Sibylle Arnold-Wissert
My path to discovering the low deep frequencies
More than 20 years ago I was suffering from multiple allergies-neurodermatitis, hay fever, asthma and food allergies and was successfully treated with bioresonance by Dr. Thomas Allgeier. From that point on I was captivated by naturopathy and so in 2004 I took my examination to qualify as a naturopath. I then trained in traditional homoeopathy, TCM and craniosacral osteopathy. Unfortunately at the time bioresonance was not an option for me for financial reasons.
3 years ago, Dr. Allgeier died much too soon and so for me and my family a great deal of security was taken out of my life.
This only became clear to me after a few weeks, when in a quiet moment I asked the question why I had been so unsettled since his death.
Mr Allgeier was a very exacting and capable therapist and over many years I learnt how important it is not to simply carry out therapy but to live and continually grow with it.
My gut feeling answer t...

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Cancer — a successful alternative therapy approach

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner
I have been working with my practice team for 16 years offering a combination of mainstream medicine and naturopathic treatments, including for the last 15 years bioresonance therapy. When carrying out diagnosis and particularly when evaluating the success of treatment, I draw on the full range of classical medicine tools including laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT or MRT, endoscopy plus other procedures as required. In addition, I test using the tensor. In my practice therapy is primarily administered using naturopathic methods based on the following maxim: "As much classical medicine as necessary, as much naturopathy as possible."
Cancer therapy in particular offers opportunities in naturopathy for a truly holistic approach to treatment, and the bioresonance method, with its very specific therapy options, can play a very valuable role in this area.

The causes of cancer

1.1 Conventional medicine

Environmental toxins: incl. asbestos: ...

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A bridge between quantum physics and bioresonance

Hans Brogemann
Dear Congress participants,
Most of you will know me. For those of you new to bioresonance, I should like briefly to introduce myself. About 40 years ago I undertook, through my firm, to make people aware of how the body's natural oscillations can be used for therapeutic purposes. I ran introductory seminars for many years which brought bioresonance to the attention of thousands of therapists. In 2015, at the age of 90, I stepped back from senior management and took retirement.
Back in the early days I naturally encountered a lot of scepticism. Who had heard of the body's natural oscillations then?
There are three types of sceptic. The first kind are therapists with sound judgement who wish to know the full details and may be won over by plausible arguments or demonstrations. The second group demands current randomised double-blind trials and the third group is characterised by arrogance and ignorance. The last straw is the written claim made in a court case that nat...

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An important aspect of treatment: the influence of the mind on the body!

Esther Röder
Realising the influence that the mind and soul can have on the human body is no easy matter!

That's why it may appear that, as a result of challenges they are faced with in their personal/professional lives, more and more people are suffering from chronic headaches and joint pain, as well as conditions such as cancer, ADHD, MS, depression, excess weight and general immune deficiencies. These disorders are often at the forefront of the sufferer's thinking and in most cases are seen as a purely physical problem.

When people suffering from these symptoms come into my practice I try to show them that any disorder can also be brought on by emotional and psychological factors, and that this is something they need to appreciate more fully.
I have found an energetic activity such as Reiki (universal life force) and energetic testing with the tensor (bio-tensor) to be helpful in this regard.
When making an initial physical/energetic assessment of the patie...

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Banishing migraine for good

Dr. Hans Schwarz
Migraine is a chronic condition with constantly recurring stresses such as gastro­intestinal dysbiosis, problematic energy flows, stresses in the sleeping area and the need for orthomolecular substances. These are often accompanied by emotional and chemical problems as well as central allergies. The range of the headache can usually be attributed to one meridian.
The treatment concept is based on the content of the "toxin barrel", which is tested out for each individual patient and prioritised in the treatment plan. The 5 elements are stabilised during the initial sessions. I explained how I detect these stresses in a semi-nar entitled "An effective route to a holistic treatment concept", held prior to the 2015 Congress.

A brief, conventional medicine overview of migraine

The term comes from the Ancient Greek word ἡμικρανία hemikrania meaning "pain in one half of the skull".
Approximately 10 % of the population suffer from migraine.
It is three ti...

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Bioresonance and miasmatic stresses: New opportunities for diagnosis and therapy

Gisela Wendler
My name is Gisela Wendler. I have been working in my own practice in Berlin for 21 years.
From the outset I have used bioresonance therapy in my practice, at first I started with Mora bioresonance, then used the Paul Schmidt method, and then soon switched to BICOM bioresonance, because I found the training for bioresonance here at BICOM the most extensive. I have remained with BICOM, at first the 4.4 model and now for about 7 years the BICOM 2000 device.
Certainly, as is the case with other colleagues, you attend many seminars, discover other therapy directions, and let one or the other influence your own work thus making the work in your own practice more and more individualised. One bioresonance therapist will then work "really differently" from another. (Many of you will know this from what patients tell you).

The work therefore becomes the expression of myself, my understanding of disease and my perception of a therapeutic approach with the patient with whom I ...

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Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases

Dr. med. Annette Johnson
General Practitioner for Naturopathy and Rescue Procedures, additional designation for Acupuncture; Focus on fibromyalgia, borrelia infection and food intolerances.
FIBROMYALGIA "Imagined and incurable" or a palpable fascia disorder of unknown aetiology?
Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases
This disorder hides behind a whole range of symptoms:
Is it simply an "imagined and incurable disease" or a palpable fascia disorder that can be tackled successfully depending on the aetiology?
Fibromyalgia has been recognised as a disease by the WHO since 1992 but its existence is often denied by conventional medical practitioners and those affected are often unjustifiably pushed into the psychosomatic corner instead of receiving the support they deserve from those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath.
Our patients with fibromyalgia syndrome suffer from symptoms that cannot be adequately explained in today's conventional medical understanding while we continue to ...

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Unlocking solution-focused potential — bioresonance in the field of psychology

Dipl.-Psych. Hans-Peter Kuhl
Epilogue: Researching the fundamental principles
What I would like to show you relates to the foundation for your life. Life is based on a mathematical' law known as "function"2.
In our particular context this means: What relationship does the individual have to life? What is the original meaning, determination and purpose in life? What path will life take? And where will it all lead?
Working every day with bioresonance technology helps us to understand the underlying principle. In recreating vital processes through technology, over time we recognise the principles that lie behind it.
Allergy treatment is the preserve of the BICOM system. Through your work in treating allergies you will know that successful treatment often only requires the basic allergens of milk and wheat to be treated. From a psychological point of view, a disposition to allergies is linked to a certain mindset. The person in question reacts to certain signals, which in themselves a...

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An emotional rollercoaster: ADHD in children and adults

Esther Röder, Naturopath, Hofbieber/Schwarzbach, Germany
First of all, let me tell you how I came to bioresonance and became a naturopath.
During the summer holidays of 2003, my daughter, husband and myself got to know the therapist Elvira CattuzzoObrist, a total stranger at the time, who runs a bioresonance therapy practice from her home in Portugal and who is present here with us today.
From the very first moment the chemistry was right between Elvira and us and a close friendship developed during subsequent holidays which has lasted to this day.
Bioresonance fascinated me from the outset, for Elvira was able to treat us for the most diverse allergies. Because I was interested, Elvira taught me bioenergetic testing in addition to bioresonance during my holidays there, and over the years I have been able to hone my skills.
In 2008 I decided on a change in my professional career and to devote myself fully to bioresonance.
In order to be able to practise this in Germany, I had the...

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