New documentary evidence for biophysical diagnosis and therapy

Anja Gatzweiler, Naturopath, Willich

Today I am going to talk about new discoveries on the background to heavy metal contamination and heavy metal intolerance in patients. I am keen to pass on this information as it marks a significant step forward in the diagnosis and therapy system, one which patients gladly accept.
ne which patients gladly accept. Two years ago I had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of a genetic researcher. The biologist's remarks during a conference on chelates immediately aroused my interest. He was reporting on the problems and implications of the heavy metals that are everywhere around us. We absorb these with our food and also when we breathe. Unfortunately patients today still have a wealth of dental metal in their mouths. This is not a problem in itself as we have an endogenous system for breaking down heavy metals — the enzymes of glutathione S-transferase which are found in the liver and make these metals water-soluble. It also br...

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Impressive new treatment possibilities of mildew fungi contamination in food a problem not yet sufficiently taken into account

Dr Gregor Will, medical practitioner, Cologne

Serious gaps in our knowledge still exist with regard to the importance of diagnosing and treating fungal illnesses in practices and hospitals (Mycology Study Group at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, WHO). Not only candida, but also mildew fungi infections play an increasingly important role in causing chronic illnesses. Sources of mildew fungi are wherever dampness, earth and rotting substances are. This is especially true of leaves, waste, compost, garden earth, animal pens, and in general also of all plants.
The air contains large amounts of fungi in the months with humid, changeable weather (in Europe) like February, March, April, September, October and November. In these months, dry winds which spread spores are often followed by humid weather with considerable fungal increase. Some fungi are able to release up to 20 million spores per minute. This is several times the am...

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