The “Life” missing since Descartes

Prof. Dr. Herbert Pietschmann
A framework of thinking based on Aristotelian either/or logic emerged in the West in the 17th century and it still shapes our society today. With Galileo we require everything to be measured, with Descartes everything has to be broken down into its smallest elements and, with Newton, a cause has to be found for everything.
This leads to a way of thinking which attempts to understand everything through mechanisms. Descartes divided the world into matter (res extensa) and mind (res cogitans); Descartes' implication that animals are essentially no different from mechanical models and therefore are unable to feel pain, for example, shows that this division is too simplistic. "Life" (res vivens) has been missing from between mind and matter since Descartes first propounded his theories. Consequently, in our world, we do not make a distinction between interaction (physics) and communication (biology). "Biology, the science of life, is defined by the effort of ...

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Building biology as a condition of successful bioresonance therapy?

Alfred Schwarze, Naturopath, Bad Segeberg

The last time I stood here was eight years ago in June 1993. Even then I knew that I would be taking a back seat for a while.
At that time, I asked myself the question: „ Why doesn't bioresonance therapy work on all patients with the same energetic diagnoses?"
Looking back I remember the date 7 January 1992. That was when my horse collapsed following treatment with the BICOm therapy device. On 5 January I had treated several nosodes, including „encephalitis", with therapy setting „Ai", „amplification 64 times", frequency sweep 3 seconds, „continuous mode", ,therapy time 15 min". There then began a tense time for me. I obtained unbelievable reactions and success with many patients in those days using test programs 191 to 194 (frequency sweep 3 seconds). My findings were the last and decisive step on the road to Martin Keymer's Cross-linked Test Technique.

I shall now report the individual stages of my progress:...

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