Pain-free: Using the Golgi points to treat heel spur, coxarthrosis and tennis elbow

Sven Peters, Naturopath, Kempten, Germany
The current situation is serious, with around 21 million people in Germany suffering from acute or chronic pain. Despite considerable medical advances, the conventional treatment of back and joint pain has deteriorated rather than improved.
Pain is the number 1 reason for sickness absence.
The risk of suicide is high with between 2,000 and 3,000 chronic pain sufferers committing suicide in Germany each year.
Surgery is not the answer since symptoms recur in approximately 1/3 of cases.
These figures show that we naturopaths have to adopt a different approach from that taught in conventional medicine.
Professor Veihelmann, President of the German Association for Spinal Therapy (DGWT), made an interesting comment in this regard:
“In 90 % of cases, backache has no discernible physical cause.”
So what does this statement mean for us as therapists?
It means in effect that the “pain” trigger is not the response from the damaged tissue, rather...

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Post-­traumatic & post­operative problem cases in orthopaedics

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer, Klosters, Switzerland

After a fracture or orthopaedic surgery the body’s biological system has to rebuild the injured bone function.
In the case of a fracture a position as close as possible to real human anatomy needs to be achieved using appropriate measures. This is achieved through the repositioning and fixation of the fractured parts in an anatomically correct position. In the case of repositioning which cannot be implemented externally, a surgical procedure is usually the method of choice. In so doing, the fracture fragments are repositioned during surgery and fixed using various options.
With many orthopaedic interventions (for instance realignment osteotomy) the bone is intentionally injured. This injury, unlike the fracture, is a planned and less traumatic injury to the bone.
This presentation is intended to give you ideas about how you can efficiently aid problematic bone healing using the BICOM® method. However, first of all a word or...

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Clinical effect, safety and mechanisms of BICOM 2000 system to asthma in children

Feng Yi Zhen, Professor of pediatrics, Liu Li Ping, Wang Jin Rong,Shandong, China

1. To examine the allergen detection, clinical effect, safety in the near future and side effects of the BICOM® 2000 system to asthma in children.
2. To explore the mechanism of BICOM® 2000 to asthma through evaluation of the changes in serum levels of IL-4, tIgE and IFN-gamma before and after BICOM® treatment.

1. Allergen detection and desensitization A total of 124 children with asthma and 150 children with asthma associated with rhinitis were selected according to the “national standard for child asthma” formulated by the national child asthma consortium. There were 82 mild, 164 moderate and 28 severe cases. All cases had not been treated with systemic glucocorticoids, antihistaminics or immunomodulators within one week before treatment. All children received allergen test and desensitization with BICOM®, together with the standard GINA therapy, which includes 125 microgra...

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Different options for treating painful knee conditions

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany

1. Introduction
Dear Colleagues, Brügemann family, and friends of BICOM® bioresonance therapy,
I am delighted to have the opportunity to give a presentation at this year’s BICOM® Congress once again. This year’s Congress has the slogan: Treating with heart, hertz and enthusiasm.
When I look with enthusiasm into the eyes of so many therapists who work with BICOM® bioresonance therapy, that is to say with frequencies and bandpasses, I think the motto chosen for this year’s Congress is entirely apt.
By definition the frequency (f) of a wave is the quotient of the speed of propagation (v) and wavelength (λ). The unit is given in hertz.
When I apply the Congress slogan to myself personally, I am happy that I have the opportunity – in what is now already my 9th year – to treat so many of my patients with heart, hertz and enthusiasm.
We therapists know that hertz (as opposed to hearts) is represented by our wonderful therapy medium – the...

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Successful B ICOM treatment of central nervous system disorders in children

Dr. rer. nat. Andrew Barrie, and Mrs Anna Barrie, Non -medical practitioners, Energy Waves Clinic, Adelaide, Australia

The purpose of this paper is to share the experiences and successes of our clinic in Adelaide where we have been practising bioresonance therapy since 1998 after training in England. We currently have three BicOms and four therapists in the clinic and we see anyone we feel we can help. We also provide BicOm training courses in the Australasian region.
Our treatments are based exclusively on BICOM® with nutritional advice where appropriate. Our difficult cases come from all over Australia. We do not specialise in any particular area, but do see a fair number of children with behavioural problems often referred by the well-known child psychologist, Dr Louise Porter. Although we have a vast amount of data in our files, the pressures of private practice prevent us from presenting a statistical analysis as expected in a research paper. Instead, we are aimi...

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Orthomolecular substances: sensible use during Bicom treatment

Marianne Thalmann, BICOM® Therapist, Gatingen, Switzerland

I am sure there is no need to go into metabolic processes in detail in such eminent company as this. Nevertheless, I would like to discuss a few basic points in relation to my presentation on orthomolecular medicine in conjunction with bioresonance.

Our bodies are characterised and controlled by metabolism, which plays a fundamental role in the human body and bodily functions. Various essential circuits are governed by metabolic processes. Minerals, trace elements and vitamins, etc. are absorbed and distributed throughout the body where they produce energy and sustain life. We all know how vital these processes are and how drastic metabolic disorders can be. Experience has shown that virtually ALL chronic illnesses are accompanied by severe to very severe metabolic disruption. This may well be due to (often only minor)

deficiencies persisting over a number of decades. Initially dormant, these de...

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