Bicom Multisoft One year’s experience using Bicom Multisoft

Dr. med. Paul-Gerhard Valeske, Kempten

Computer technology is nowadays widely used by those of us working in "naturopathy" and "complementary medicine": BicOm functions are controlled by computer; electro-acupuncture and testing for allergies, toxic, miasmatic and other stresses can be detected and treated electronically. Has computer technology lived up to its promise?
Ideally, I would simply end my paper here by saying: "Yes, BICOMĀ® Multisoft works to my and my patients' satisfaction." There is not enough time during this presentation to give you a comprehensive insight into the functional features of this software. I will attempt therefore just to cover the highlights. You can obtain detailed information and training in how to use the software at special seminars and workshops run by REGUMED.

BICOMĀ® Multisoft is a piece of computer software with multiple functions which relieves us therapists of some of our customary work, particular...

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