Treatment of post-traumatic pain and vertebral pain syndromes without side effects

Dr. med. Willmar Schwarze, Wurzen
The annual BICOM congresses are an exciting highlight in the continuing professional development of BICOM users.
Having attended these events with growing interest since 2000, it is a particular honour to be given the opportunity to present my own experience here today.

1.1. Significance of diagnosis and treatment of painful disorders as part of basic medical care
Pain which is experienced as a sign of possible pathological changes in the body is one of the most common reasons for consulting a doctor or naturopath.

1.2. Brief consideration of the pathophysiology of pain
Pain is not a state but a negative experience for the individual concerned. Nociceptors, specialised nerve sensors in the peripheral nervous system, record signals that various thresholds are being exceeded and convert this information into impulses capable of being transmitted from nerve pathways towards the centre (bone marrow and brain).
These impulses ar...

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