Experience of testing and treating degenerated cells with the BICOM Combined Test Technique

Dieter Kramer, Naturopath, Bad Essen
Dear colleagues and BICOM bioresonance therapy enthusiasts!
I should like briefly to introduce myself. My name is Dieter Kramer. I am a naturopath by profession and come from an idyllic little place near Osnabrück, where, for the past 15 years, I have been running a practice which administers natural therapies. I now work only with the BICOM Combined Test Technique and chiropractic. I have gradually been able to give up all other types of therapy such as acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone treatment, etc. in favour of bioresonance.
But now to the actual theme of my paper, testing and treating “degenerated cells”.

A patient who was 41 at the time came to my practice in April 1998. I knew him already from occasional visits due to various back problems. He told me that his GP had referred him to a urologist with suspected prostate cancer. This suspicion was based on a raised PSA level. He had...

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