Treatment for Lyme using the Bicom and Essential Oils

Bioresonance therapists report that they don’t just find Borrelia but also a number of co-infections, if you have Lyme Disease then you are often a target by other ticks and you will get bitten more than other people around you. This means you can get re-infected and other co-infections are added to your body.

BICOM® owners can make their own tick repellant.

All the co-infections need treating but the body needs treating first in order to prevent a Herxheimer reaction.

First therapy session

Step 1: Basic therapy based on conductance value of patient and at the same time add the Lyme/Borrelia substance complex. Use DMI as needed. The new basic therapies from 2014 work best. 10250-10255

Step 2: Treat blockages that can prevent the treatment from being as effective as possible. The Allergy Preparation program is best for this, don’t be fooled by the name. Program Sequence 10314

Step 3: Detoxification programs on the Liver, Lymph and Kidneys. The best program is Detoxification General. Program Sequence 10046

Step 4: Use the CTT (combined test technique) kits on Program 191 or 197 and when you no longer get resonance you need to go through the Potentising Programs on Ai. Use Parasite kit and ELP031 (Ticks) Bacteria kit B007 (Borrelia) B008 (Bordetella) B038 (Rickettsia) If you have the Lyme Kit from BICOM® UK then use that too.

Also check for other stress on the body like Candida, Eppstein Barr, Mold, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, cadmium, Aluminium etc.

Build up the intestinal system with the many BICOM® programs and a good probiotic.

Store the therapy session in the BICOM® Chip and the BRT oil (bioresonanse therapy) in the red cup, after the session we also add essential oils to the BRT oil. These oils are antibacterial and antimicrobial and they can take care of pathogens without harming the tissue around them.

Oils to use for Lyme:

Garlic, Clove, Frankincense, Oregano, Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Lemon

Use the roller applicator and administer on the areas that will work best such as lymphatic areas and the soles of the feet, especially at night.

For the oils visit Buy essential oils

Other essentials: Check for Mercury in the brain, help your patient to get plenty of sleep (8 hours min) which is one of the best ways to remove inflammation from the brain, along with the BICOM® of course.

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Clinical study of treatment of allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis using BICOM 2000

Dr. Wang Jun, Dr. Lu Shu Jin, Tai’an City, China


Clinical study using the BICOM 2000 from March 2004 to September 2005 in the allergy centre of the Second Hospital.
The study comprised 2186 patients: 786 cases of allergic asthma and 593 cases of allergic rhinitis.

Our overall results are summarised in the following table:

Illustration of therapy success


The curative effect was assessed on the basis of the improvement seen in clinical symptoms and no recurrences in the past 6 months.

Recovery: Allergic symptoms disappear completely. No recurrences in the 6 months following completion of therapy.
Clearly effective: Allergic symptoms disappear completely. Appearance of mild symptoms following completion of therapy.
Effective: Visible improvement in allergic symptoms, however, there are recurrences following completion of therapy.
Ineffective: No visible improvement in allergic symptoms.


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Successful treatment with the BICOM 2000 supported with dark field images

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Cologne

Dear colleagues,
dear users of BICOM resonance therapy,
Many of you will already know me as I have been an enthusiastic user of bioresonance therapy for nearly 20 years through several generations of the device and have also presented papers at a number of colloquia.
I have been in practice in Cologne for 25 years specialising in allergy and pain therapy and it is very rare for my treatment not to include bioresonance therapy; in fact, this therapy has become the mainstay of our applications. I have also been working with the new BICOM 2000 for a year, in two separate consulting areas to avoid long delays.
Today I am going to report on my experience with this new device with 4 different patients. All 4 had previously been largely resistant to therapy and it is precisely this point that I should like to report on.

Case 1
Patient no. 1 was born in the Netherlands in 1974. Despite being 1.85 m tall and obe...

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Bioenergetic diagnosis for therapy using the Bicom 2000 — A practical case with autoaggressive disease as an example

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hannover

Dear colleagues,
dear friends of BICOM® resonance therapy,
the talk I am giving today has to be understood as a followup to the talk I gave last year in which I described the fundamental concepts behind the origins of autoaggression disease. I will give a brief summary of the core features:
Up to about 10 years ago, a patient generally presented with one quite specific set of symptoms, whereas now when a patient visits the surgery he mostly complains of pronounced multiple symptoms. Individual symptoms are built up over time and manifested as a result of the summation of multifactorial stresses which in the end are also responsible for the increasing autoaggressive tendencies in our patients.
In addition, „Auto Aggression" (!) is always a very individual disease in which the immune system suddenly recognises the body's own structures as things which need to be fought. The body becomes sensitised against itself and destructive de...

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Regressive vicariation thanks to Bicom 2000 — documented with reference to darkfield images

Dr. med. Eti Dachs, Vienna, Austria
Dear colleagues,
We all recognise the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy from our own experiences. For some time now, I have wondered how the effects of this therapy, and in particular of BICOM® 2000, can be proved repeatedly and objectively.
Since I have long worked with a darkfield microscope, it seemed obvious to use this diagnostic method. In order to make this clearer, however, I decided to invoke a second naturopathic method and to combine the two.
Naturally, I know that many of you already work with the darkfield method and that for many Reckeweg's homotoxin doctrine is a well known concept. However, many of you will also be completely unfamiliar with these concepts. Thus, for better understanding, I will introduce a few basic principles of these two methods before I proceed to describe my own trials.

D R . H . H . R E C K E W E G ' S HOMOTOXIN DOCTRINE (1905-1985)
According to Reckeweg, diseases are biologically rational processes ...

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Simplified application of proven therapy programs with the Bicom 2000

Dr. med. Jiirgen Hennecke, Aachen

BICOM® resonance therapy can be applied most beneficially when the applicators and therapy parameters are adapted to suit the current energetic condition of the patient, both in terms of their individual needs and their reactivity.
This means that at the beginning of every therapy session the therapist must test all parameters such as optimum type of therapy, frequency and amplification using one of the available energetic test procedures (EAV, tensor, kinesiology). Ideally, he should then remain with the patient, observe any possible reactions, align the therapy parameters if necessary and test the optimum length of time required for therapy. For any follow up therapy, the same procedure should be followed.
This type of process only works in a practice structured in such a way as to allow the therapist time to work intensively with each patient individually.
The therapist must be in control of a test procedure and be energetically ...

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The significance of deep frequencies and ways of stabilising patients during treatment

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing, Germany
It is no secret that a series of important rhythms having a considerable influence on our regulatory systems – and hence on our health – lie in the low-frequency range. The most important frequency is probably the Schumann wave. What is this Schumann wave all about? Here I must go into a slightly lengthier explanation.
Since the work of the German physicist O. W. Schumann (1888-1978), we have known that magnetic AC fields which have an influence on humans – so-called Schumann waves – are present in nature. Thus, humans live in an electric and magnetic AC field between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Fig. 1: Cavity resonator Earth-Ionosphere
This AC field is stimulated by solar activity, storms, and the transition from day to night.
When, for example, a bolt of lightning strikes somewhere on the Earth, it is not just a local occurrence. The lightning generates impulses which travel around the whole planet, because they are reflected i...

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Diagnosis and treatment of borreliosis-related disorders – various stages and manifestations

Dr. med. Brigit Fleischer, Bernau nr. Berlin, Germany 
Dear Colleagues,
Dear BICOM® Users,
I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my ideas and experiences with you and I am pleased to report on my work with the BICOM® 2000.
I run a small private practice in the country, working as a GP and naturopath. In addition to bioresonance I work with dark field microscopy and isopathy after Prof. Enderlein as well as with traditional homeopathy, manual therapy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.
Taking the example of the various forms taken by borreliosis and its “chameleonlike” behaviour, this gives us, I believe, a clear insight into the system and logic underlying BICOM® therapy and, in particular, the Combined Test Technique (CTT).
This disease has already been discussed in this forum and you are familiar with the symptoms. Similar to syphilis it feigns various organ manifestations, ranging from skin complaints, “summer flu” to nervous complaints similar to MS. Some colleag...

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Allergies and fluoride

Dr. med. Michael Jaecks (†), Euskirchen-Kirchheim, Germany 
How does fluoride behave? Does it affect respiratory and skin disease?
“The practice of the art of medicine should not follow from theory, but the reverse, theory should follow from practice. The essence of a disease remains an unknown quantity until we have found the true remedy.” Rademacher 1848.
How did I become aware of the problem with fluoride?
If fluorine or fluoride are mentioned today, people immediately think of dentistry and caries. Until 1983 I did not know much about the biological significance of fluoride other than it is important for bones and teeth since it is a constituent of “apatite” which is apparently responsible for the hardness of this tissue. At least that is what I had learnt in the past. There was no reason for me to doubt this either. As I have since discovered, I was in good company in my ignorance.
In the 1970s a large plant was successfully introduced in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) in the GD...

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Treatment of psoriasis with BICOM 2000 in the sanatorium

Dr. med. Alojzij Medved, Portoroñ, Slowenien

Psoriasis is one of the most widespread skin diseases, affecting one in ten people. The impact of this visible and consequently very stressful disease is felt most strongly on a psychological level. All sufferers have a feeling of uneasiness, have the feeling that they are repulsive to others. They feel cast off to the far reaches of the world
It was many years ago as a young specialist that I first attended a dermatologists conference in Zagreb organised by Prof. Kogoj and his colleagues. In addition to the Yugoslavian specialists, there were also a number of participants from abroad, at that time the cream of expert knowledge in Europe. The main theme of the conference was psoriasis.

The umpteen papers addressed its distribution, hereditary factors, clinical picture, laboratory diagnostics and naturally the chances of curing the disease. Prof. Ko...

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