Viral and bacterial diseases: changes in blood in dark field imaging during bioresonance treatment

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath, Hannover, Germany

Dear Colleagues,
a special greeting to Mr and Mrs Brügemann and my thanks to them for inviting me once again to this year's Congress.

How a working hypothesis became a certainty
Following a conversation with Mr Brügemann last year regarding an hypothesis I was working on, he asked me whether I would be willing to give a presentation on the subject. When I replied that I would gladly be able to do so in 2-3 years' time, he asked whether I could think in terms of scheduling it in for the next Congress. With this conversation in the back of my mind I then set off for home.
On the return journey I kept thinking about the paper that had been given by Marcel Riffel. His presentation had focused on Dr William Ross Adey and his concept of the "biological" window. Marcel gave details of Adey's research.
Here again is the definition of the concept taken from his lecture:
"A biological window describes a confined spectrum o...

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