Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage

Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage — status identification background burdens and a concept for a practically proven diagnosis and therapy system

Dear colleagues and friends of BICOM® bioresonance therapy,

My subject today is one of the most serious clinical pictures with which we are confronted in our holistically orientated practices.

If I may refer to my experience of 15 years, one thing is very obvious: Fifteen years ago a patient usually consulted a holistic practitioner with one concrete clinical picture. When a patient sees me today, he comes with a marked multiple clinical picture. It is noticeable that individual clinical pictures become increasingly chronic and manifest because of a sub-summation of multifactorial burdens. The patient of today is not like one of 15 years ago!

This shows the demand and the need for a truly consistent holistic diagnostic and therapeutic system.


For naturopathic therapists all...

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