Autistic spectrum disorder

Dr. Sümer Zeynep Karabey, Kusadasi Aydin, Turkey
Dear colleagues,
It gives me great pleasure to report, at this year's Congress, on the results of a nationwide study conducted in Turkey.
But first let me tell you a little about myself: after handing over to a colleague the Berlin GP practice I had run for 15 years under the state insurance scheme, I decided to return to my homeland and go back to my roots, as it were. My husband and I represent Regumed in Turkey. I also work three days a week in my general medical practice. My assistant and I treat approximately 50 patients per week almost exclusively with bioresonance using two BICOM® BICOM optima® devices.
Bioresonance is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey. This is mainly as a result of successful treatment of satisfied patients and their relatives. Around 100 practices nationwide are now equipped with bioresonance devices. Several universities have stated they are prepared to conduct clinical trials, for which Regumed has p...

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