Latest findings on the causes of hyperkinetic syndrome (ADHD) and the importance of a holistic naturopathic approach to treatment

Roland Schroeder, Naturopath, Schleswig
Increasingly often mothers (particularly of sons) are coming to our practice bemoaning their children's uncontrollable behaviour and poor performance at school which often prevents them attending secondary school. After observing the child briefly and analysing the Conners questionnaire completed by the mother, the therapist can already make a tentative diagnosis of ADHD.
There are various names for this disorder:

Minimal brain dysfunction (MDB) used to be the most common name.
The term ‚Äěhyperkinetic syndrome" has now become accepted in Germany.
In Switzerland they speak of infantile psychoorganic syndrome (POS).
Other terms which only cover certain aspects of the disorder are partial disturbed maturation of the brain, infantile brain damage or mild brain dysfunction.

Now the correct terms, which are also in common usage in the USA and by the World Health Organisation (WHO), are:

attention deficit syndrome (ADS),

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