Frequencies: Effect, functions and meaning for the living organism

Professor Dr. Cyril W. Smith, Manchester, UK
Abstract. – The importance of coherent frequencies in living systems was first recognised by Professor Herbert Fröhlich, FRS. The writer’s work with electrically sensitive patients gave an insight into the importance of frequencies in living systems. This has led to the realization that frequency is the common factor uniting many branches of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Frequency is endogenous on acupuncture meridians and these are related to the autonomic nervous system. Examples of such frequencies are given. They occur within a coherent system which gives them the property of being fractal. It is this which links the chemical to the technological and to the biological frequency bands. When there is stress on a target organ, its meridian frequency is found in the whole-body field. Applying acupressure to a point gives the same effect. This suggests that a Bioresonance measurement involves the change in electrical resistance at ...

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