Bioresonance therapy as an invaluable tool in a successful practice

Dr med Gisela von Braunschweig, medical practitioner, Gelnhausen/Haitz

Whatever kind of practice one has, it remains a problem that all medication which was used with success in the past suddenly no longer works. The mesenchyme of patients is increasingly blocked. In the past ten years, the frequency and intensity of blockages has increased greatly. During the first twenty years of my practice I saw about 6 patients in total whose regulatory systems were all totally blocked. Today this happens to almost every patient. The brain seems to be the most protected organ, and the brain barrier seems to be able to hold off environmental toxins for a long time. One the other hand I have seen children who seem to be born with mercury poisoning. In these children amalgam could be measured even in early childhood in the central nervous system vessel. A homeopathic remedy, and I believe even traditional medicine, can have no eff...

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Vaccinations: ingredients, heavy metals, implications

Jessica Rüther, Naturopath, Kempen-Tönisberg, Germany
Dear Colleagues,
I have deliberately structured my presentation for this year’s conference somewhat differently compared with my last paper three years ago.
We have to answer two questions several times a day:

To what can we attribute the patient’s symptoms or condition?
How must I treat the condition or what programs do I use?

I would obviously like to include a few treatment tips in my presentation, but: Your treatment is only as good as your earlier testing and diagnosis! Experience has shown that you can only test what you know and can identify. I intend to boost your awareness and give you some background knowledge about vaccinations (to use a generic term) so that this information will spring to mind next time you carry out tests.
And what’s more: I’m not necessarily against vaccinations. But I am critical. And I’m shocked at all the information on the subject that escapes publication. There are probably few areas of me...

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Background stresses and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hanover
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of the BICOM® bioresonance method,
My paper today deals with a very serious clinical picture. Much is already known about this condition and I do not wish to give the impression that it is necessarily easy to treat MS. My experience and my successes (including some partial successes) have shown me that behind the MS are very typical types of stress which can be successfully treated.
In over 20 years of practice I have looked after numerous MS patients. I have been able to give a large number of them lasting stability and helped them to regain a good quality of life.
Stabilisation means fewer attacks at longer intervals (in terms of years) and, where an attack did occur, it would be significantly weaker than previous attacks, with fewer symptoms (either just eye symptoms or general physical weakness or mild ataxia) and often even without the need to prescribe cortisone treatment.
As I have seen over the years, these...

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Allergies and fluoride

Dr. med. Michael Jaecks (†), Euskirchen-Kirchheim, Germany 
How does fluoride behave? Does it affect respiratory and skin disease?
“The practice of the art of medicine should not follow from theory, but the reverse, theory should follow from practice. The essence of a disease remains an unknown quantity until we have found the true remedy.” Rademacher 1848.
How did I become aware of the problem with fluoride?
If fluorine or fluoride are mentioned today, people immediately think of dentistry and caries. Until 1983 I did not know much about the biological significance of fluoride other than it is important for bones and teeth since it is a constituent of “apatite” which is apparently responsible for the hardness of this tissue. At least that is what I had learnt in the past. There was no reason for me to doubt this either. As I have since discovered, I was in good company in my ignorance.
In the 1970s a large plant was successfully introduced in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) in the GD...

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Salicylic add – a problem substance for allergy sufferers

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Aachen, Deutschland

For every new allergy patient, we test the most important food additives as well as basic foods. In recent years, we have noticed that, in addition to the well-known basic stresses such as milk, wheat and Candida, more and more people are reacting to the "Salicylic acid" ampoule. Treatment using this information, possibly in combination with other substances, has substantially alleviated the symptoms experienced by many of our patients.
Substance and availability
In chemical terms, salicylic acid (2-hydroxybenzoic acid) is an aromatic compound because of its benzene ring. Salicylic acid derivatives are widely available naturally or are synthetically produced for a variety of applications. They are contained in essential oils and are present as plant hormones in the leaves, blossoms, fruit and roots of various plants. Salicylic acid or spiraeic acid was previously obtained from willow bark (sallow) or from Fili...

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