Having the courage to treat advanced stages of cancer using the Bicom

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, doctor, Izmir, Turkey
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
I first started using bioresonance therapy 4 years ago. I became curious after speaking to a medical sales representative who was a chain smoker and had given up smoking through bioresonance. At the time I saw use of the BICOM® as being restricted to this type of treatment and also didn’t have the time to learn more about other indication areas.
I bought a device with a colleague and, in addition to our work as doctors in the public health sector, we were also looking to work part-time in our general practice and use bioresonance as a smoking cessation treatment. But after a while we decided out of curiosity to attend further training courses offered by company representatives in Turkey. It soon became clear to us that this didn’t just stop at smoking cessation. We decided to venture into treating allergies. This was followed by the huge range of rheumatic diseases and plenty of successfu...

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