Vaccine damage and its repercussions – Diagnosis and therapy with BICOM

Anita Klammrodt, Naturopath, Grossefehn
My name is Anita Klammrodt. I have been a naturopath for eleven years and have been using bioresonance for diagnosis and treatment in my practice for seven years. I use bioresonance among other things to treat the side effects and damage caused by vaccines.
I first became aware of this through my son. He was given a 5-way vaccine at the age of three when he was due to go to nursery school. As a result of this he changed markedly. From being a loving, happy little boy he turned into an unsettled, unhappy child with destructive tendencies. Naturally, I did not think that the multiple vaccine could be the cause. I simply believed that he had picked up his bad behaviour from other children in the nursery.
In 1985, when our son was almost 15 years old, we joined a self-help group for hyperactive children which initially focused mainly on nutrition. However, attention soon turned to inoculations too. Speaking to other parents in the ...

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