Successful therapy using the symmetrical amplification sweep

Sissi Karz, naturopath, Ag. Nikolaos, Greece
Dear colleagues,
Over the years I have noticed time and again that a patient didn’t do as well as expected with a preset program amplification – i.e. the reaction of their body sometimes fell short of what we were hoping for. Therefore, for some time now I have been checking the intensity of the patient’s physical reaction to a preset program using their palpable pulse on the surface of their wrist after starting a program. If this pulse was not strong enough then I carried out the kinesiological muscle test asserting that: “All amplifications are optimum for this person!”
More and more often adjustments had to be made within a program because the amplification for a weakened body was either too high or possibly a stored default amplification setting was too low making the effect of a program too weak.
At the same time I observed that one or two patients reacted very well to a setting initially but this ceased after just a few minutes, a...

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