Successful B ICOM treatment of central nervous system disorders in children

Dr. rer. nat. Andrew Barrie, and Mrs Anna Barrie, Non -medical practitioners, Energy Waves Clinic, Adelaide, Australia

The purpose of this paper is to share the experiences and successes of our clinic in Adelaide where we have been practising bioresonance therapy since 1998 after training in England. We currently have three BicOms and four therapists in the clinic and we see anyone we feel we can help. We also provide BicOm training courses in the Australasian region.
Our treatments are based exclusively on BICOM® with nutritional advice where appropriate. Our difficult cases come from all over Australia. We do not specialise in any particular area, but do see a fair number of children with behavioural problems often referred by the well-known child psychologist, Dr Louise Porter. Although we have a vast amount of data in our files, the pressures of private practice prevent us from presenting a statistical analysis as expected in a research paper. Instead, we are aimi...

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