Success in treating resistant pathogens and infections which do not respond to clinical treatment with BICOM resonance

Therese Maria Goder, nutritional consultancy/bioresonance therapy, Wesel Medical director: Dr. med. Franz-G√ľnther Goder, Wesel

Patient with Staphylococcus aureus MRSA1 following hip operation in 2002
I should like to present to you a 66 years old female patient who first came to my practice in May 2003 after serious and complicated hip surgery.
The patient history revealed that a total prosthetic replacement of the right hip joint was carried out in December 2002. During the subsequent recuperation period, a fist sized abscess developed at the site of the operation. This advanced so progressively that it was necessary to readmit the patient to the hospital where she had been operated on. An ultrasound examination carried out on re-admittance revealed a considerable accumulation of fluid in the right hip joint which extended to the joint.
A swab which was taken revealed group B+++ haemolytic Streptococci. As a result of this finding, the prosthetic replacement was re...

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