Study of the early diagnosis of relapsing breast carcinoma

Dr. med. Santos Martín, Granollers, Spain

It is becoming increasingly impossible to argue away the fact that there is a connection between electroacupuncture points and the existence of certain pathologies. Studies even exist which not only connect values at certain points with disease but also with life expectancy. The medical profession’s aphorism that “there are no diseases, only sick people” is well-known. Just as a disease can be defined by certain signs and symptoms, the same can be expected when measuring the electroacupuncture points of chronically ill patients, especially cancer patients.

The study I am going to present provides an answer, substantiated by statistical analysis, to a number of questions. It concerns a study of around 170 patients suffering from in various stages of breast carcinoma. The information it yields on acupuncture points cannot be applied to other tumours. However, it can be assumed that similar characteristics can be found a...

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