Strengthen the center — the stomach and its key position for health

Cassandra Mougiakou, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine

Dear colleagues,

Today, I face the challenge to address the quite common subject of stomach problems and I will hopefully give you some new and useful information.

My goal is to relate to the stomach, not only as a very important organ, but also to the metaphorical stomach, the solar plexus area.

We say that one needs to "have a strong stomach" in order to undertake a difficult task or cope with a difficult situation, meaning that the stomach needs to be able to cope with stress situations quite well. Also, on the psychological level, one needs to have a fair amount of self-esteem and self-confidence to be able to cope with the chal­lenges brought upon them by the outer world.

On the other hand when something "sits on the stomach" that means that it cannot be accepted well and this can lead to real indigestion symptoms.

The Stomach is the fuel factory for the body. Any disturbance or malfunctioning may severely ...

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