Staying Healthy Through the Winter with BICOM Bioresonance (by Dr. Hennecke)

Bioresonance therapy can bring light and momentum to the winter season. At this time of year bioresonance programs are useful for improving vitality, immune stabilisation and metabolism. Winter is also associated with the element of water, so it is beneficial to support the kidney and bladder meridians too.

  1. Basic therapy after conductance value test
  2. Follow up therapy
  • 3027.0 and 900.1 (Psychovegetative stabilization)
  • 3066.0 and 930.3 (Lymph activation)
  • 3003.0 and 570.1 (Immunity stabilization)
  • 3080.0 and 480.1 (Kidney support)
  • 390.1 (Bladder meridian)

Channel 2

  • Substance complex: “energetic boost”
  • Additionally in yellow cup/honey comb: CTT ampoules kidney, bladder, lymph.

These CTT ampoules can be found in the CTT 5 elements test sets.

In addition to the basic therapy, a maximum of 6 individual therapy programs are recommended per therapy session. The appropriateness of programs should ideally be tested by means of a bioenergetics test procedure. Dividing the follow up therapies into two sessions within a week is a possible solution.

Tip for users of BICOM Software:

In the BICOM Pilot it is possible to collect the necessary programs together and save them as a treatment list. In order to do this, first add the programs to the “selected programs” window. Then under the “therapy” button at the top of the screen, click on “save therapy list.” Now you can save them. The list is not patient related and can be called up at any time under the button “load therapy list.”

The advantage of this is that a list of therapies, with any number of programs, can be saved in succession and can be called up for testing or therapy at any time.