Specific environmental toxins in relation to the syndromes asthma, Parkinson’s and diabetes

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
Once I succeeded in getting T-lymphocytes, both CD 8 and CD 14 T-lymphocytes, into ampoules as starting material, various opportunities presented themselves. The first was to test the activity of T-lymphocytes or the lack of activity of lymphocytes and the progress of this activity using BICOM’s amplification technology. The second possibility was to test specifically which immune blockages impede T-lymphocytes, which also play a signify-cant role in the cancerous process, and to treat them.

I actually managed to isolate a few environmental toxins which evidently play a crucial role. These are bleaching agents in particular. This means any bleach and also the agents used in drinking water and in sewage treatment plants to disinfect water. The second is benzene and benzopyrene, in other words benzene derivatives. The third contaminant is ball bearing grease, only slight traces of which admittedly come into households via mains w...

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