Special Therapy Tips – Viruses

“The germ is nothing, the environment is everything”

This quote comes from Claude Bernard (French doctor, pharmacist and experimental physiologist) and shows the importance of the regulation of the environment in the prevention and control of infectious diseases. The focus should be on the whole organism and not just exclusively on the pathogen.

Here the BICOM Bioresonance Method provides valuable services. As BICOM therapists, we can support our patients with regulation and stabilization of the immune system as well as carrying out targeted bioenergetics pathogen therapy, this is not the same as conventional medical treatments and should not be seen as a replacement, but there are things you can do to minimise the chance of contracting illnesses, including following ALL government advice. Bicom UK will not support any therapist that makes false claims or try to profit from the current crisis.

Regulation and immune stabilisation

1. Basic therapy

Basic therapy according to the patient’s conductance value or energetic status, already helps with regulation and detoxification. The extended basic programs are the most effective. Optimizing the therapy with symptom-related secretions in the input cup has proven very useful in optimizing the therapy. If there is an infection, use nasal secretions or phlegm.

The basic therapy can also be specified further by placing the input applicator on the complaint area (e.g. lung) or using the power applicator as a concentrated output on the problem area (instead of using the modulation mat as the output).

2. Therapy blockages

When thinking about this topic, think primarily of scar interference fields, geopathy and electrosmog (cell phone, WIFI), infrasound (wind turbines), but also emotional blockages (shock, trauma), since these can also strain the immune system.

3. Elimination organs and detoxification

The primary elimination organs are the liver, kidney and lymph. The liver is very often burdened with viral infections and may also need support due to drug treatment. Program 3036.0 is very effective for detoxification regulation. An important new program is also 3468.0 Liver, stress.

4. Bowel cleansing to strengthen the GALT (gut associated lymphatic tissue)

In the case of candidiasis, the following programs are useful: Mycosis treatment 971.0 and / or 3413.0 with candida ampoule and swab sample in the entrance cup, approx. 3-4 treatments. In addition, accompanying bowel programs should be applied.

5. Immune stabilisation

The following programs are recommended:

  • 582.0 Renal function disorder
  • 3053.0 Regulate the immune system
  • 3423.0 Immunodeficiency

Pathogen therapy after effective preparation therapy (see above)

Specific pathogen programs with pathogen ampoule (e.g. VF 007+

viruses / fungi):

  • 996.0 “Virus therapy with Nosode”: The virus nosode (D4-D6) is required for this program. However, blood can be used instead.
  • 978.1 “Strain, exposure to pathogens”: The pathogen ampoule is required for this program. It is also possible to use the body’s own secretion. However, in this case the program should be switched to Di (see BICOM optima operating instructions).
  • 3447.0 “Virus therapy”
  • 3442.0 “Parasite therapy”

Non-specific programs:

  • 197.0 “CTT test and therapy program”
  • 10325 “Pathogen Ai”
  • 10326 “Pathogen Di”