Some instructive cases from the field of sports medicine

Dr. med. Doreen Hug, Specialist in general medicine, sports medicine and acupuncture,
Frankfurt am Main

Both new and old sports injuries can be treated very effectively with bioresonance therapy. Specialising in sports medicine and looking after a hockey team provides me with an opportunity to amass considerable experience in treating a range of sports injuries. The following examples of treatment have been performed successfully a number of times for the same injuries on different patients.

When a muscle is strained or muscle fibre is ruptured, micro- or macro injuries occur in the muscular structure. The mechanism of the injury is such that the muscular structure of the muscle fibres is extended so that the contractile elements of the myofibrils (smallest units of the muscle fibres) are pulled apart. Injuries to the tiny capillaries and chemical reactions to the stress of muscle stretching lead to swellings and release...

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