Simplified application of proven therapy programs with the Bicom 2000

Dr. med. Jiirgen Hennecke, Aachen

BICOMĀ® resonance therapy can be applied most beneficially when the applicators and therapy parameters are adapted to suit the current energetic condition of the patient, both in terms of their individual needs and their reactivity.
This means that at the beginning of every therapy session the therapist must test all parameters such as optimum type of therapy, frequency and amplification using one of the available energetic test procedures (EAV, tensor, kinesiology). Ideally, he should then remain with the patient, observe any possible reactions, align the therapy parameters if necessary and test the optimum length of time required for therapy. For any follow up therapy, the same procedure should be followed.
This type of process only works in a practice structured in such a way as to allow the therapist time to work intensively with each patient individually.
The therapist must be in control of a test procedure and be energetically ...

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