Scars as an Interference Field

Scars can be the cause of a disorder as well as a therapy blockage. It is therefore very important to treat a patient ́s scars.

Scars can be interpreted as an interference field if the scar area is numb, itchy, painful, very pale or red. Weather sensitivity of scars also indicates it as an interference field.

The more scars and the larger the scars, the more likely they are to cause disorders. That said, scars can also be powerful sources of disruption to health, even if they are only small and visually unobtrusive.

Complaints are varied and can occur locally. In most cases, they can have a long-range effect (e.g. through cutivisceral reflex arches or meridians). This can cause pain, functions restrictions, nervous disorders, abnormal sensations, cephalgia, migraines, digestive problems, psychological impairments and much more. In addition they can be a massive obstacle to therapy e.g. for allergy therapy.

Internal scars which are not accessible from the outside can also interfere. Any injury or surgery can result in a scar disorder. Attention should be payed to vaccination scars, surgical scars (tonsils, appendix, caesarean section, episiotomy / tear, post hysterectomy), scars from accidents, piercings, tattoos, cosmetic surgery, burns, extraction scars after dental surgery, amputations and more.

Scar programs (all programs should be tested bio energetically):

We recommend program sequence 10314 “Allergy preparation”. This includes program 910.3, which is very good for scar interferences. In addition, the following programs are available:

  • Programs 910.3; 341.4; 927.3
  • Programs 900.2; 910.5
  • Programs 3432.0 (Eliminate scar interference / abdominal complaints, BICOM optima® new only)

In addition to therapy programs in channel 1, substance complexes can be used in channel 2. These can be found under the category “Locomotor system”.

In difficult cases, the applicator placement can be varied. Dr. Hennecke / S. Maquinay recommend use of the scar as an output with an applicator on the spine as an input.

Since it is common for trauma to be associated with scars, it has also proven useful to test the following shock programs and treat them accordingly to clear the scar interference:

Program sequence 10147 (3094.0 / 3095.0 / 241.4) or programs 3093.0 / 432.2